Experience a deep sense of calm and a gentle detox effect by spending 30 minutes in the Hott & Sexy Sauna Detox Blanket. The importance of cleansing your body of toxic debris cannot be overstated. Toxins are produced during normal metabolism and cell function, as well as absorbed from pollutants in air, water, and food. The Sauna Detox Blanket uses Far Infrared Ray (FIR) heat to assist the body with weight loss. The Sauna Blanket and the FIR radiant heat warms the body and causes increased blood circulation and lowers blood pressure. The use of Far Infrared Ray thermal heat therapy seems to be to be one of the most effective and scientific methods for weight loss or body sculpting.


Clients burn approximately 500 to 700 calories per session, which is equivalent to running at 5mph for 60 minutes. Adding the Sauna Detox Blanket session post-workout will increase the amount of calories burned since the body is already in a calorie burning state. In addition, the Sauna Detox Blanket can assist with the appearance of cellulite. The Sauna Detox Blanket uses radiant heat to reach these fat deposits and break them up. Sweating that occurs from the Sauna Detox Blanket help remove fatty waste from the body. It is recommended that sessions be limited to 3 times per week and should not be done on back to back days. This allows the body time to adjust and it also allows time for the dissolved fat to be excreted.

*Individual results may vary.